Sep 9, 2003

Sunday was a well-deserved day of rest. I had planned on sleeping in but as usual Sala jumped in to bed around six and after that I couldn't sleep. I rose about seven, made coffee and downloaded the podium images that Denise shot on Saturday. Of course, I had my eyes closed in nearly all the shots taken of me standing next to Tinker on the podium. Later that morning Denise and Sala got up and we sat around for most of morning before heading over to Chipotle for lunch. I’m getting over that place.

In the afternoon we went to Moore Middle School, where Jeannie, Chris and Cindy were working on getting ready for the upcoming school year. I laid around on the couch in Cindy's room and watched the Niners beat up on the Bears. It was a very uneventful afternoon and it was damn hot in those class rooms.

At about 4 we headed over to the pool and played a game of three flies up and dodge ball. I forgot how tiring treading water can be. I swam for over two hours. So much for a recovery day.

Earlier in the day Josh called see how the Epic went. He was planning on doing Onyx Summit. I told him to watch out for traffic since Hwy 330 and 18 were closed due to the fire. That meant a lot of traffic on the 8443 ft. climb to Onyx. Just the though of doing Onyx a day after doing Radford made me sick.

Monday was another recovery day but wasn’t supposed to be. I intended to ride in the evening, but we had to go sign our refi papers out in Rancho and by the time we got done it was late. Another rest day won’t hurt I guess. Instead Denise and I went and had dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. She loves that place and I can’t figure out why. The selection is slim, the service is below par, the parking sucks and they serve their Caesar salad with way too much dressing. We at least had a good time making fun of the other patrons in the joint. What a society we live in.

Today’s Tuesday and you know what that means. I’ll have to make the best of it too because I leave tomorrow for Vegas and then Utah until next week and then I’ll be home for a couple days and then off to Alabama for the AMA Superbike finale. I’m about to get real familiar with my running shoes. Maybe I’ll be able to post from the road . . .

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