Feb 23, 2006

I'm Sick. Again.

Here's the deal; my last post mysteriously disappeared. What the hell? Oh, well. Someone told me it was too long & wordy anyway. I'll dumb this post down as much as possible with pictures & simple sentences.

And as the title of this post states, I am sick again. It's a nose, ear & throat deal that I got while in Woodstock, IL. - 7 degree temps & late night press checks didn't help out any. And neither did the ride in the rain that Trevor, Templeman & I did on Sunday morning before I departed for Chi-town. Sunday was the last time I rode my bike. I was smart enough however to drive to urgent care as soon as I got home. The doctor hooked me up with some antibiotics, so I'm planning to be back on the bike by Saturday.

Anyway, without further ado, here's my dumbed-down photo blog...

Since I recently ordered the demolition of the Energy Drink/Santo De Vitamin B/Chris Roberts Shrine at work, I figured I’d snap a few photos of it first, to commerate its existance. Though magical, it was time to make room for a new radio.

The back story: There are a few people at work who actually beleive that they're getting some sort of nutritional value (specifically vitamin B) out of consuming mass quantities of energy drinks. They worship this crap, so we started an energy drink shrine for them to worship. Santo De Vitamin B was/is the shrine's mascot, if you will. I'm over it now.

On Saturday afternoon, Josh & I were able to get out & ride Crafton in between rain storms. The snow level was very low & Yikes (the single track seen above) was moist & in good shape. We made it back to my place just as the sky was opening up again.

In the last 6 weeks, I've spent a fair amount of time in Woodstock, IL on business. I hate business travel because it takes me out of my routine. My normal routine doesn't include scraping ice off windshields or driving fruity cars like the Chevy HHR. That's why I refused to drive the rental car & made Dave Coronado scrape the windshield. He was pretty good at it for a guy from Colton, CA. If I lived in place where the temps dropped below 0, I think I'd be a professional drinker or sleeper instead of a bicycle racer. It was wicked cold.

Finally our schedule let up enough that we were able to see some of Chicago before checking in at O'Hare. Coronado, Friztencarter & I toured the Field Museum a stone throw away from Soldier's Field & Lake Michigan. Our little field trip (no pun intended) wasn't exactly Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but it beat killing time eating biscuts & gravy at the Cracker Barrel

They don't have buildings this tall back home in Mentone. Thank God.

Sweet(ness). Sure, it's not Lambeau Field, but the way I see it - it's the next best thing. Later we cruised by Wrigley Field, but by that time, my batteries were dead. Oh well. Baseball sucks anyway.

Back at the Field Museum, I found this mobile Nifty Thrifty Honda 50 attached to a giant audio cassette storage case & radio. It was some sort of mobile boom box used in Africa.

The Lake Michigan side of Soldier's Field. No wonder it's so damn cold on that field. If a Bears kicker shanked a field goal hard enough, the ball could land in shallow end of Lake Michigan. The lake is that close.

Lake Michigan & the Chicago skyline. Impressive, yes, but I prefer the San Bernardino Mountains skyline.

That's that.

I can't wait to ride my bike...

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Christie said...

well if it makes you feel any better, some sort of stomach flu hit me like a brick last night. now my weekend riding/racing plans are in a potential hiatus! UGGH! Just finished a breakfast of plain toast and peppermint tea. not exactly race fuel.. :o(