Apr 23, 2007

I've Been Busy

Since the big New Year's freeze of '07, I've been busy. Too busy to blog at least. Just working, hanging out with the kid & riding. And a little racing here and there too.

Here's some good stuff of Ryder.

December of '06 at a cross race in Torrance. Ryder had a lot more fun than I did. At this race I punctured while running fifth (again).

Ryder likes hippos. Especially ones that swim and are the size of compact cars.

He likes snakes too.

Back at the cross race - Denise is responsible for the feed and Ryder is responsible for packing up the trainer after I'm done warming up. I'm responsible for flatting. Everyone does their job well.

Back at the zoo - "Echo, echo, echo, echo, echo!"

New Stuff from Brandon Bird

Battle of the Heroes

"I always pick Dauber, on the account of his speed attacks," says Brandon. Brilliant.


That's all I can muster for now. Photos of Ryder's 2nd Birthday, racing & random B.S. soon.

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