Jul 28, 2007

Do This, Don't Do That...

It's been said that to live in 7 Oaks is weird. I agree. 7 Oaks just doesn't have enough structure for me.

No shoes, No shirt, No credit card, No dice.

It doesn't say anything about throwing rocks at the reflections of the ducks.

But I have a license...

Signs are threatening enough, but nothing's worse than good old fashion public ridicule for parking your bike in the, quote-unquote, vegetable garden.

No Pamela Anderson?

I guess the frogs and pollywogs aren't technically considered pets.

How does this work? Do I read left to right? I'm confused. And what do they mean No Dogs? It's a campground. In the forrest. There's squirrels & raccoons all over the damn place.

This one doesn't bother me as much. It's not like that road behind the gate looks scenic, mystical or magical.

I see the same anti-drug campaing signs around Mentone.

7 Oaks: A great place to get away (if you wanna be hassled by the man).


JOY said...

You convinced me to go back and check out the double wide for $56K, great ambiance and neighbors, hell of a drive to work though...

Anonymous said...

Makes you think about that no throwing the little timmy sign for your own backyard.