Sep 29, 2007

Before Everest Challenge, there was Disneyland

Ryder discovers that it is, indeed, a small world. He was so joyed by all the peace, love and tolerance that he nearly went overboard. For real. I told him that the water in It's a Small World is actually Disneyland's recycled toilet water, but that didn't prevent him from trying to reach out of the vessel and dip his hands in the Disney holy water. He broke rule number one.

Securuity is tight. If you don't keep your hands and arms inside It's a Small World, they throw you in the Disneyland Mobile Clink with your next of kin. We were sentenced to 5 to 10 (minutes) on the Casey Jones Railroad.

The moment of truth. For his good behavior, Ryder was forgiven for his crime and granted a full pardon by the warden.

The whole experience was exhausting.

Before we could sneak him on to Space Mountain, Ryder passed out and so we called it a day. Next time.

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Rick Blum said...

Disneyland... there goes your first 2 weeks of pay. The florescent colors and never-ending song in It's a Small World reminds me of a time I was with Todd... nevermind. When can you do lunch? There's an In & Out off the 10 we can meet at.