Jul 19, 2002

Friday, July 19, 2002: I got up around 5 AM and started the dreaded westbound commute on the 91 Fwy in order to make it to the Corona, Green River exit with enough time to ride the Santa Ana River Trail into work. As it turns out, traffic was heavy for a Friday, so when I arrived at Green River it was too late to start riding. Instead I drove ahead to Imperial Hwy and parked at a park in Yorba Linda to begin my ride there. Once on the trail I maintained a 20 to 24 mph pace and picked up a riding partner before reaching the Anaheim Pond. He drafted me until we reached the Costa Mesa area then we slowed our pace and began to talk. He was a Cat 3 road racer who had planned a 60 mile morning. We went our seperate ways not long after passing MacAurthor. I arrived at work a little late because we slowed our pace considerably while we were talking. With the ride home, I'll log approximately 43 miles today.

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