Jul 29, 2002

"You probably thought you'd died and gone to heaven." - Denise, after I described the motorcycle, bicycle and punk rock decor that laced the walls of the Mountain Bike Magazine Burbank office.

"Jesus is da' bomb."
The sticker attached to the rear window of the Dodge Stratus that (all in one motion) flicked a cigarette out the window and cut into my lane without a glance, while I was on my way to work last Friday.

The White Stripes, the finest music to come out of the Motor City since the MC5.

Has anything fine come out of Baltimore except for Texas Is The Reason? Unfortunately they've disbanded, but the perfection of Back And To The Left will roll on for infinity. . .

"Too bad he's going to fade like a T-shirt from the Colton Auction." Me to Aaron Gerth when he called to inform me that he was watching a NORBA Nat'l on OLN and that Trek/VW's Travis Brown was leading at the start of the Men's Elite XC Race.

Stay tuned for a race report from Rim Nordic's Mountain Stage Race, July 27-28

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