Oct 29, 2002


Back by popular demand

Grand Terrace, Calif. – With the 2002 mountain bike and motorcycle racing season winding down, it’s that time of year again to roll on those arm warmers and charge up those lighting systems. Beginning Tuesday, October 29 weekly mountain bike rides up Grand Terrace’s Blue Mountain will start at approximately 6:30-7:00 PM from 22524 Raven Way. Park on the street and gear up in the warmth of my garage before heading up the infamous Alpe Bluez. The total ride distance is less than 10 miles, however the two miles from the base of the mountain to the top will be the longest two miles of your life. If you survive the climb you’ll enjoy the fun two-track and single-track that drops down into Reche Canyon. From there you’ll hammer out an easy gradual climb and twisty downhill back to my house. Alpe Bluez has received rave reviews.

“You have to be a sick person to do this more than once.” – Rick Daniel

“It’s probably not a good idea to do Blue Mountain if you plan on racing in the next couple of months.” – Josh Underwood

“If I had any energy left, I’d kick your ass.” – Adam Spik

“Man, I should have ridden Hulda Crook with Terry and Paul.” – Aaron Gerth

“Look! You can see what the temperature is in Baker from up here.” – Nathan Hughes

“Blue Mountain kicks ass. My ass.” – Trevor Walton

“I use to climb Blue Mountain.” – Kevin, owner Airborne Bike and Skate

“I’ll hike up there with you.” – Denise Freeman

“Don’t you think that’s a little steep?” – Cindy Freeman

“I’ve driven my car up there before. You know, guys parachute off that mountain.” – Jerry, City of Grand Terrace Building Inspector

“I heard people die up there.” – Joe, my neighbor

“I ride my motorcycle up there sometimes.” – Kinney Jones

“You guys ride bicycles up that?” – Destry Abbott

“I’d go with you guys, but I have to work the next day.” – Anonymous

“Isn’t that where the Donner Party got stranded?” – Stater Bros. checker.

“Looking back, we should have sentenced him to at least one trip up Alpe Bluez.” – Judge Lance Ito

If you plan on going, let me know so we don’t leave without you. Once on top of Alpe Bluez, it can get cold so bring appropriate clothing. Hope to see you there.

*I am not responsible for any bodily injury or death that may occur as a result of riding up Blue Mountain.
**No single speeds please. Steel bikes okay.
***All Alpe Bluez testimonials are not 100-percent accurate.


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