Dec 3, 2002

WARNING: Do not see Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights. It was the worst 70 minutes of my life.

Hey, he’s sick and he needs help
For those of you unaware, Rick Daniel competed in and won the Iron Man class at the 2002 edition of the 24 Hours of Glen Helen this summer. Although I’ve never competed in a 24-hour event solo, I used to let Rick talk me into doing all kinds of other weird motorcycle-related stuff. Since then, I got married and gained an additional brain so I’m a lot smarter now. In fact, I’m even capable of manipulating people into riding up Blue Mountain one night a week. Rick is one of those people. I know what you’re thinking. This Rick guy sounds like he’s a lot tougher than he is smart. Well, Dirt Bike Magazine did label him as the “Toughest Man Alive,” but he also has enough smarts to have written Diary of a Madman for Personally, I think Rick’s girlfriend/crew chief/head chef/inspirational guru Dodie Webster composed the masterpiece, but Rick insists he wrote it and that Diary of a Madman’s Girlfriend will be in stores early next year. Anyway, have a read.

“I remember that game of Quarters but for the life of me, I can't remember where we were at. I think you had the smoothest moves.”
-Luke’s return email on trying to help me remember the mystery location and participants of the game of Quarters in question. That must have been one hell of a game of Quarters.

Speaking of quotes
Possibly inspired by the uplifting and inspirational Mario Cipollini quote from my last posting, Trevor broke out his Quotable Cyclist book and sent me over a few more quotes.

"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live."
-Mark Twain "Taming the Bicycle"

"I thought of that while riding my bike."
-Albert Einstein on the theory of relativity

"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the
human race."

-H.G. Wells

An Email from Luke
“ . . . We took the 78 back which cuts right through Glamis. I have never seen so many white trash dumb asses in my life. They just thrashed the entire place. Beer cans, name it, it was there. I guess the new thing is to cut the tops off of golf carts, put paddles on them and supe the engines up. I saw about 10 of those on the way home. Well regardless, there were a lot of trailers on the road packed to the gill with Glamis paraphernalia. That is certainly a different crowd from the days of Lucerne and Barstow.”
-Luke, describing a portion of his Thanksgiving Road Trip from his mom’s house in Arizona to his house in San Diego.

An Email from Mom
I need your Christmas list.

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