Nov 27, 2002

“The bicycle has a soul. If you are able to love it as it deserves, it will give you emotions you will never forget.” – World Champion Italian cyclist, Mario Cipollini from December 2002 issue of Bicycling magazine.

Lucas Stiles wrote in:

1. What was Jacko’s most recent terrible mistake?
Hanging his six-month old son out a two-story window in Germany.
2. What was Lisa Marie Presley’s most terrible mistake?
Getting married to Jacko and kissing him on MTV.
3. Who said, “I’ve never had a problem with drugs. I’ve had problems with the police?” (A) Robert Downey, Jr. (B) Keith Richards (C) Shane MacGowan (D) Gary Busey.
Every one knows it’s (B), Keith Richards.

I think the only Internet pages I enjoy more than yours are Union Tribune and ESPN. Oh, and Google.

We Have a Winner

The walking freak show that is Michael Jackson got everyone responding to my most recent contest and many of you responded correctly, however Lucas wins the new Goat sunglasses (courtesy of Goat Eyewear) because he complimented the website, although I have to question his passion for the San Diego Union Tribune because I’m quite familiar with the ramblings of Sports Editors Jerry Magee, Alan Drooz, Nick Canepa and Tim Sullivan and I’m not overly impressed with their editorial integrity. Of course, I’m assuming that Luke is speaking of the Tribune’s Sports department. Maybe he likes reading Anne Marie Welsh, the Union Tribune Theatre Arts Critic. Ouch! (That's for the Google comment.)

Actually, Luke was the first person to answer all three questions correctly. Even though Rick Daniel’s foul answer was most creative, I have to stick to the rules. “When do I get my loot?” Rick says. As soon as I get my custom Rickey Racer steel bicycle frame, buster!

Go to Goat Eyewear and see what Luke has to choose from.

All this talk of Michael Jackson reminds me of a particular game of Quarters I once had (I can’t remember with who. Let me know if you were in on this particular game of Quarters. I think Mark Martinez was there). Someone made the rule that after every drink, you had to stand up, sing a verse from a Jacko song and do a three-sixty, while side kicking up your heel (just like Jacko himself). You can only imagine the hilarity that ensued from this rule. That may have been the same game of Quarters Brandon Coatney ruled that all communication be made in an English accent. What bloody fun!

The Essential M's

It was called to my attention recently that my postings weigh heavily on bicycle stuff and lack a lot of other important subjects in life such as the Four Essential M's; Motorcycles, Music, Marathons and Mark (Foist). So, here it goes:

Mark: Mark left me a message requesting the time back in his life that it took him to search through the website, only to find zero mentions of his name (how vain). Actually, if Mark would have searched longer, he would have read that a few months ago I acknowledged the kickoff of his mid-life crisis, better known as his 40th birthday. Just an update - since kickoff Mark went to game seven of the World Series, purchased a Cooper Mini, ran the St. George Marathon in Utah and participated in the Hana Relay in Maui, although I'm not sure if he has ridden his bicycle lately. There Mark, an entire paragraph dedicated to you.

Marathons: In September Denise ran a 4:27 in the Maui Marathon (beating Oprah’s Chicago Marathon time). My sister Meredith and Natalie Hughes also ran the Maui Marathon and finished respectfully, although I don’t know their exact finish times. My Mom and Dad flew to Hawaii a week early, vacationed and helped out with the marathon. Now Denise has it in her crazy head that she’s going to run, the L.A. or Austin, TX Marathon early next year.

Motorcycles: Read about me and see pictures!
(How vain.)

In other motorcycle related news:

Dude, Mondays suck. Some b#%@*! ran a red light and hit me this morning. Fortunately she barely grazed my front tire and I didn't even drop the bike. Had I been a half-second quicker I don't even want to imagine the consequences... Now the KLR has twisted forks and needs a wheel truing, and of course she has no insurance. My uninsured motorist coverage on the bike is for medical only. My ride home tonight will be interesting...

Luckily Trevor wasn’t injured. Get this; the uninsured woman that hit him is new in town from Louisiana, the U.S. capital of Voodoo. Great. Just what we need, a bunch of uninsured Louisiana witches driving all over SoCal roadways practicing their Voodoo in the form of running red lights. I asked Trevor if she was driving a broomstick and he said, “No, she was driving a Hyundai.”

Music: Everyone’s favorite blue-collar band, Dropkick Murphys, known for their blend of old-school punk, Irish Folk, rock and hardcore sounds recently released a T-shirt that reads, “Support Your Local Piper.” I want one for Christmas (hint, hint). Mark Allen was the local bagpiper on Oakdale St. The way his bagpipes echoed through the neighborhood was so cool that I stopped whatever I was doing to listen until he was done playing. Most neighborhoods in Rialto had the sounds of gunshots and domestic disputes. On Oakdale we had bagpipes (and a few domestic disputes).

A Note From Nathan
Hey, I saw a bumper sticker today that said, "Let's play Cowboys and Iraqui's." Thought that was kind of funny.

Okay, I'm done. Santa Ana River Trail on Thanksgiving morning at 7 a.m. if anyone is interested. Meet at the Ranger Station on the corner of Highway 38 and Bryant.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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