Nov 8, 2005

Halloween & SEMA Part I

It's been a long 2 weeks. Getting ready for SEMA & then actually attending the show is enough to drive a man to an early grave. I survived, but just barely. Of course I ended up catching a cold from lack of sleep, hotel air conditioning & Sin City second-hand smoke. And all I brought back for you all are some lousy photos.

Okay, this photo isn't from SEMA, but it's from the day before; Halloween. On this day Bridgette Jackson opted to come dressed in evening attire. Don't let her silky pajama bottoms fool you. Bridgette can & will pop a cap in your arse if push comes to shove. She runs with a rough crowd known as Configuration Management & has a sidekick whose street name is Lil' Bit.

This somewhat revealing photo is of Purchasing Manager Carol Fay & Internet Specialist Max Lopez. Right after this photo was taken Carol & Max did the Charleston right outside of my cubical.

On Halloween night my house turned into the Hall of Justice. Left to right are super heroes Logan, Ryder, Andrew & Jonny.


The Van Collection

Okay, this really isn't a van. It's better than a van. I'm not even sure whose booth this monstrosity was parked in, but its beauty immediately caught my eye.

Got Soy? If I were a couple of generations older, this would have been my ride. This is what Rick Daniel's milk truck was supposed to be before he started swinging clubs on a daily basis.

I know, I know. This isn't a van. It's better than a van. It's a bike and a God awful one at that. I'd ride it.

Unfortunately, this is the last van photo I have. All the other images didn't turn out because my hands were shaking with excitement & shakey hand makes for bad presentation. Anyway, this thing was a work of art despite lacking a finished interior.

While vans at SEMA are hard to come by, project vehicles like this one are a dime-O-dozen. This '06 Civic was one we did for the Honda booth. A similar image of it actually landed on the MSN home page.

Hear Yeah, Hear Yeah! Thou trade ye a beer for a broad.

To be continued...

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