Jan 11, 2006

Blog Editing - It Shan't Exist

Have you ever reread something you wrote & realized, it either wreaked of misspellings and/or grammitical errors, or thought it was just plain dumb? That happens to me nearly every time I post a blog. After its post, I go back & find issues & problems; formatting problems, sentence structure problems, hyperlink problems. A man, sorry, I mean a blogger could spend his/her entire life rewriting, reformatting or rethinking a post. And nevermind trying to use the Blogger spell check feature because somehow I end up deleting my entire post each time I try to use it. Editing your blog can turn into a full time job, so today I'm sending out a Call to Arms to all bloggers: Let it ride. Misspelling, grammatical errors & poor formatting is now acceptable & expected. Agreed? Good!

I feel better already. What a relief.

Warning: Call to Arms does not include website neglect.

Wednesday Night Ride
Trevor is the man. After we declared Blue Mt. the ride of choice, it occured to me that Trevor probably won't show for the ride since his only working mountain bike is a single-speed. I was wrong. Not only did he show, he rode his knewly purchased Gary Fisher Rig up Alpe Bluez & only had to get off & push in 3 spots. The chances are his knees were so hammered, he probably couldn't get out of bed on Thursday morning, but who cares - on Wednesday night, he was triumphant. The rest of us; me, Al, Johnson & Templeman could only watch in astonishment as he pedaled squares toward the sky. Coincidentally, Johnson said that he was pedaling squares too & blamed it on the switch from his normal Fisher Ziggurat ride to a new Fisher Super Caliber ride. Nonesense! I say his legs were fatigued from running on the treadmill at L.A. Fitness w/Padgette. Never trust Padgett.

A Photo Speaks a Thousand Miles...

Nick Martin is getting some good base miles in this winter. I, on the other hand ride to work at dawn & ride home at dusk & ride in the rain on the weekend. No farmer tan here.


There's a CA State XC/Team Big Bear Schedule out finally. Nevermind that the year on the schedule is listed as 2005 instead of 2006 - a classic case of website neglect, not to be confused with blog editing.

No more fat kids! Why didn't I think of that? This may be the best news I've heard this year. Kurt the Cyber Guy on the KTLA Morning News (where L.A. Lives) did a piece this morning on kidsgetinaction.org It's all about getting kids to eat better & move their fat-asses away from the TV, Xbox & computer (just a little irony - don't you think?). Check it out.

I guess if you're going to insist on watching TV, you may as well watch something meaningful like The Office. Dry humor, car accidents, office olympics, e-mail surveillance. What more could you ask for in a show? Who cares about the Talies on Lost. Become a Dundie.

You are misunderstood my friend.


The Wife said...

As an English teacher, I don't think I can support your "Call to Arms." I think the sherpa will agree.

Jonathan said...

I agree with Matt 100%!

When it comes to emails and blogs,
mispellings...poor, punct-uation; and bad grammer won't never hurt noone.

Christie said...

i LOVE the office. I think it's one of the best shows on TV right now!!!!!