Jan 19, 2006

Photo Blog - A Salute to Suffering

But first...

A big thanks to Bart, from Cyclery USA, for giving me a wheel on Saturday after I punctured a couple K's from the Raincross sprint finish. Beat that. Wheel support on a training ride. Another reason why we (as in - us in Redlands/Riverside area) have it good.

Loren left a voice mail yesterday sharing that he had put in 6 hours on Saturday with some German kid from the German U23 Team. Apparently the kid also rides on the German-based T-Mobile Mountain Bike Team. Meanwhile, James has been doing cold base miles with some dude from the Broadmark Captial Cycling Team. Oh, and hanging out with Carl Decker.

The usual suspects in Saturday's break are about all I can handle. A couple of ex-Jelly Belly pros team members, a former Nat'l Team member, a one-time member of the Trek All Star Team & no credentials-but-just-plain-tough Padilla get the job done for me. I'm in pretty good company.

And Now... A Salute to Suffering


country jimmy said...

dude-the guy riding with the pede-cad is uber-ripped..

Sean said...

that's a cool poster and motto. biking and suffering do go hand in hand. and you made me feel a little guilty of website neglect. But I'm still not editing it anytime soon. Ready to suffer at the boulevard?