May 24, 2006

My Best Todd Wells Impersionation

On Sunday I raced round 4 of the CA State XC Series, my 1st in the series. It started out great. Me, Chuck Jenkins & Leo broke away at the start. Later Perry & Mike Lee bridged up to us. I remember looking down at my watch at 19 minutes thiking, if we don't back it down soon, I'm going to pop. Then we hung a left off the road onto a section Longo calls the Grand Tetons & sure enough, I popped. I looked down at my watch & it said 21:-something. I went backwards fast after that & even lost interest a few times. I ended up 8th Pro, but there were a lot of Semipros & some Experts that beat me. Leo ended up exploding too. Lower Fall Line was in the best shape I've ever seen. I wonder why? Could it be because there's no more downhillers chewing it up? Longo did his first race as a 48-year old Semipro & did awesome. It sure would be nice if James & Loren would come back to Big Bear to ride with the old man. You guys should be ashamed of yourselfs. Christie did K&N proud by finishing 2nd Pro Woman & Teri made it all the way to Lower Fall Line in 3rd place & then flatted. That sucks. Trevor was 6th Singlespeed & Templeman got 4th in his Sport category. The dude that won the Singlespeed class finished 2nd American Male at the L.A. Marathon this year with a time of 2:35 or something like that. He was still like 30-something O/A at the L.A. Marathon. Man, that's a lot of Kenyans. Speaking of which, Denise starts training for the S.F. Nike Women's Marathon this week. I go to see Dr. Fox today. Hopefully he can figure out why I can't sleep a whole night. Man, these Gateway keyboards are hard to type on. I wonder what Ryder is doing right now...

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