Jun 5, 2006

King of the Blog Slackers

I’m not the only one who’s been slacking on regular blog updates…

Anyway, I guess I have a lot of catching up to do. Here’s what I know:

Denise & I have concluded that Ryder is going to be one of those kids that talks non-stop. This - based on the amount of baby gibberish that currently comes from his mouth.

It’s been hotter than hell, so instead of frying in the valley I road the TT bike from Corona to the beach on Saturday. The headwind was so strong, I had a hard time keeping it much higher than 20 mph. Denise & Ryder picked me up in Huntington & we went shopping. I saw Fullford & Grant at the beach preparing to take some Bobs from their church from Huntington to Corona. I recommended they not go too far because on the way back, they’d be fighting the headwind. I wonder if they too my advice?

Speaking of Fullford, he just moved in to Brookside Park, where Nathan & Jake recently moved in, where Aaron has lived for a long time. Trevor used to live there & so did Bob & Lisa. Wow, I know a lot of people who have lived or live at that place.

Speaking of moving, Josh & Mad Cash finally closed down the Big House. Actually, Josh bought a place about a mile away just off of Lawton. Hopefully he’ll be able to handle his longer commute to work.

Ryder has fat feet.

On Sunday I was on the bike by 7 AM & on top of Onyx Summit (8443 ft.) within a few hours. I mainly just cruised. Cal Trans or someone took down the 7,000 ft. Altitude sign, so when I caught a glimpse of the 8,000 ft. sign off in the distance, I thought I was still 1400 ft. from the summit. As I got closer, I realized that I was only 443 ft. I did the entire ride in cruise mode & it only took 4:30. I should do it more often. It actually turned out to be a near-perfect day: knocked out Onyx before noon & got home in time to watch MotoGP, the Dauphine’ & AMA Superbike from Road America.

There were over a dozen cars parked at the Angelus Oaks turn-out off Hwy 38. I saw a lot of people up there I know: Johnson & Leo, Steve McKovich’s mom & step-dad, Adam Hart & Amon were all up to ride the Santa Ana River Trail.

Round 5 of the CA State XC series was up in Santa Barbara on Saturday. Something inside me told me to skip it. I’m glad I did because it was miserably hot. Click here for results.

Did I post this yet?

Padgett won the 30+ 3/4 CBR crit this weekend with the help of a Chris Hoyt lead-out.

Around the Bear: It’s this Saturday. I’m planning to poach it (as usual). If you wanna go, meet at Stell’s & be ready to roll no later than 7:15. I’m planning a “civilized” pace.

Since my last official post Denise & Ryder finished first stroller at the Run Through Redlands.

For those not in the know: Sunday was a big day for American cycling (and CSC). Zabriskie & Hincapie went 1-2 at the Dauphine’ Prologue. Meanwhile, a little further north, Vande Velde won the Tour of Luxembourg. CSC is straight bad-ass (for those not in the know).

Americans don’t suck at XC: A couple of weeks ago at a World Cup in Scotland JHK got fifth. I’m pretty sure that’s the best World Cup finish by an American man in almost 2 years. Good work! Then again I have to race that dude next month…

June will hurt: So will July, August & September. As far as I’m concerned, my real race season starts this month. It all starts with the CA State RR Championship & get this: I’m going to try & race the 74-mile 30+ race on Saturday & then the 109-mile Pro1/2 race on Sunday. Ouch! The following weekend is 3 days of racing in the San Diego Omnuim & then comes July. Park City, Sonoma NORBA Nat’ls. Then comes Brian Head & Snowmass in August. Finally, some real bike races.

Give Her Money: Denise is training for her fourth 26.2. This time it’s the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon in October. All the money she raises will go toward benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I’ll have a link to her website soon so you can make your TAX FREE donations online.

Z-Z-Z-Z-Z: This week is supposed to be my rest week, but I think I’ll sneak out & do Sunset on Tuesday. Then I’m testing with McKovich on Thursday, so in reality I get to rest on M-W-F.

For Sale (Tentatively): The Van.

Back in Business: Colbert’s 2-week hiatus ends tonight. Thank God. It’s uncomfortable going that long without hearing any truth.

I wonder what Ryder is doing right now…

Can you handle the truth?


jimmywill said...

some comments...
things i miss, riding to onyx from redlands, sa river trail, eating pizza with y'all after sunset ride and getting free beer from mad cash.
points of contention:
my roomate has 2 5ths at world cups, don't sell the van, sunset ride ain't rest, i'd give denise $$ if i had any, july, august, sept will be opportunties to drink beer with people you don't usually get to.

aaron said...

How bout them Americans today in the TT, it was a sweep. 1st went to Zabriskie, 2nd to Landis, 3rd to Leipheimer and 4th to Hincapie!!!