Dec 8, 2006

TCB (Takin' Care of Business)

So much for summer tan lines...

We took Ryder to the beach once this year. He loved it.

Now we're talking about taking him to the snow for the first time. I'm sure he'll love that too.

It's Friday night. I actually got a lot done today. Got my allergy shots cleared with the anti-doping people at USA Cycling, got my iBike partially hooked up, got Denise's iPod Shuffle running and working & I'm currently downloading music while I'm typing this blog. Risky business running two such programs at once with this POS Dell. It appears as if I'm getting a lap top for Xmas, so that gift may lend itself to more frequent blog updates once I get it hooked up wireless. Oh, I almost forgot. I got Denise's Xmas gift online today too. TCB!

Spent 45 minutes on the Power Cranks this morning. I can't decide which is worse, the discomfort of those things or the bordem of them while on the trainer.

Doing the Raincross ride tomorrow morning. Hopefully we'll all stay out of the potholes.

Speaking of the Raincross ride, just in case you forgot, this is what suffering looks like.

1 comment:

Sergio said...

what the hell, you like 3% body fat? you're looking pretty damn hot, lucky for you I'm married. my workouts nowadays are cerebral so maybe I've developed some extra gyrus. If not I've just been wasting my time. cya in december!