Dec 7, 2006

Well damn. Something inside me suddenly wants to update this poor neglected thing, yet I’m failing to come up with anything relevant. I could write a long review on the long Redlands Xmas Parade. Nah, living through it was enough. Just think about watching TV, only instead of actually watching a show, you’re watching two straight hours of commercials. That’s the Redlands Xmas Parade. It seemed tolerable last year. At least Ryder enjoyed it.

I could write about the Death Cab show that Denise, Josh, Jeannie & I went to on Tuesday night. Okay. The Bren Events Center at UCI (no, not that UCI – the University of California at Irvine. That UCI), which is their basketball arena. It was a pretty good place to see a show. It’s not too big and even sitting near the top, we weren’t too far away. Some people apparently paid admission just to hang out and not watch the show. Like the two hags sitting behind us, who wouldn’t shut up. I thought they were filming a talk show in the row behind us. Then there was the girl, whose name was Scooch according to her brother, sitting in the row in front of us. She filmed the entire show with a small hand-held video camera. It’s probably already up on Utube.

The show itself was just so-so. Denise & Jeannie thought it was good. Don’t get me wrong, they played some kick-ass stuff. It was just too far and few between and the Pogues show may have ruined all shows for me, since they're such a great live band. I thought the opening band kicked ass. They’re called Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins. I bought one of their CDs and it’s pretty good. They’re kind of like Patsy Cline meets Jack White or the White Stripes.

Other than that I’ve been riding the hell out of my bikes. Four to 6 hour rides on the weekend and hour plus trainer workouts during the week. Some dumb-ass forgot to call out a pot hole on the Raincross ride last Saturday resulting in several flats and destroyed wheels. There was probably about 50 or more of us single-file going full throttle and BAM! Water bottles flying all over the damn place. Luckily no one was killed. Oh, and I got chased by a dog on the Sunday ride.

I can’t get enough of The Valley of The Shadow of Death by The Tossers. I’ve probably listened to it ten times in the last two days. Plus they’re working on a new album that will be out early next year.

I wonder what Ryder is doing right now?

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