Mar 10, 2008

My Garmin is Full of Bad News

It told me I spent over 90 minutes above threshold in a 2 hour and 15 minute mountain bike race. It's a wonder I'm not dead.

It can tell me all that, but it can't change itself over to daylight savings time on its own. I hate it (the Garmin, not daylight savings).

Meanwhile, there's been a James Williams sighting over at Sager's.

James reminds me of the glory days when I was fit.


Backin1980 said...

Are you rollin hogi yogi tonight or stayin in to watch the Project Runway reunion show.

Matt said...

I'm thinking about retiring while I'm still on top, so I'm leaning toward Project Runway. There will be a press conference at 3:00 PM (PST).

Anonymous said...


Please dont go. Its j-dog with Team " Church Socks " We will build an entire team around you. The only catch is you will have to wear the "Socks ". I know it's what Brett would want you to do . Dont go little Pac man.

JOY said...

The brother Jeremy broke his Garmin when he fell sunday. As blood oozed out of his elbow bandage on the way to the airport, the only thing he kept bitching about was the stupid Garmin. i think he loved his though.

flahute said...

Dunno which Garmin you're using, but my Edge 305 has an auto DST setting ... and it worked.

Matt said...

I'll have to try that auto DST setting. Thanks for the tip.