Apr 23, 2008

Ryder turned three on Monday. His party at My Gym turned out to be a rager.

The Birthday March.


A gang of kids.

On Saturday morning Greg, Todd & I did Loch Leven to Angelus Oaks and then down the Santa Ana River Trail (SART) to Thomas Hunting Grounds and then back up Hwy 38. Trails don't get much better than that. Too often I forget just how good we have it here.

Afterward I went out on the road bike for another couple of hours. After riding SART, the road got so boring I was forced to do hill repeats up Rossmont. There's nothing boring about that. There's nothing easy about that either.

Saturday is Devil's Punch Bowl. Still haven't decided if I'm going Pro,1,2 or 35+. It's a difference of two laps, 30-some miles and a lot of pain and suffering.

Talk about suffering, on Sunday I have to be at the coffee shop at 4:45 AM to go work the PossAbilities Triathlon.

A guy from work is in an on-going argument with his sister. He's thinking about putting together a PowerPoint in order to get his point across to her. All family disputes should be handled that way.

Tuesday was Earth Day. I went about my business as if it were any other day. Sorry Earth. Maybe next year.

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