Apr 24, 2008

Things that went through my head on last Tuesday's ride.


Trevor Walton said...

I hurt myself snowboarding in Mammoth.

I can still ride, and the fact that I can't remove a t-shirt without pain is of little consequence. All hail the full-zip jersey!

Matt said...

Trevor: It's time for an intervention. Your bike riding friends are concerned about the way that you are abusing your bodying doing non-cycling activities like snowboarding, running, hiking, climbing ropes, riding motorcycles, snow-shoeing, and cooking rice and beans. What's next; fly fishing and house cleaning? You have a problem and it needs to be fixed.

Backin1980 said...

I should have known I was in trouble when I bought my training schedule from a guy on E-Bay. The auction item read as follows:

For Sale, “7-Week Boston Marathon Training Schedule.” Only used once. This is guaranteed to get you to the finish line, although it may be in a wheel barrel.

This message was typed with the assistance of my live in nurse.

Matt said...

Live Nurse? What's his name?