Aug 26, 2008

The men in my family are pretty tough

Last Thursday at bike practice, some idiots with their heads down ran Joey straight into this road construction sign. He had nowhere else to go but hit it head-on. After he went down he remounted and kept on riding. The metal sign was completely taco'd before it was straightened out the next day. It should say, "Keep Your Head Up" instead of "Keep Right" to remind dudes to KEEP THEIR HEADS UP! No one would have come close to hitting it if everyone was looking ahead toward the FRONT. I realize that for most people the words, "front of the group" is a horrifying thought, but you should try it sometime. It may actually help you get faster, stronger, and tougher.

They may only be boys, but Destry and Ryder are already tough. Just look at the war wounds on these two bruisers.

They're so tough that they nap outside on concrete next their bikes.

When they're not being tough, they're being nice kids, but most of the time they're being tough. They're so tough, they don't really need helmets or water, but what can you do when the cops and Child Protective Services insist on softening up our youth?

Mountain bike races don't get much tougher than Rim Nordic and 90-degree temps.

It's tough working on your bike barefooted.

It's also tough when your workbench is at eye level.

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