Aug 18, 2008

The Olympics make me tired. I’m staying up way too late these days watching whatever it is that NBC decides to show us. With the exception of synchronized diving, I’ve been able to stomach pretty much everything else in Beijing. I’m even beginning to like the woman (with the man’s voice) who takes you on tours of different parts of China. She’s definitely no Samantha Brown, but who is?

So Joey, Jamie, & I are having a debate over who’s the better looking beach volleyball player: Kerri Walsh or Misty May-Treanor.

Kerri Walsh or Misty May-Treanor? You decide.

And then there's 41 year-old swimmer, Dara Torres.

Is that Beijing down there hidden in that haze or just the Inland Empire? A couple of weeks ago Trevor & I caught a ride up to Big Bear and then road home on our singlespeeds.

Yesterday I decided to race my (geared) bike. It turned out to be a good idea.


Christie said...

dang! those are some abs (Dara). and she has given birth to children? gives one hope! hahah

Blum said...

I prefer my women to have these things called "breasts". You may have heard about them before.

jamie said...

i wouldn't really call it a debate..... Misty May is about 10 times hotter

Anonymous said...

Kerri is much hotter than Misty but the best looking vball players didn't make it to the Olympics, Check out Rachel Wacholder/Tyra Turner on the AVP