Oct 30, 2008

Mapping & Tracking Hunger

A lot of people I know have Garmin GPS units that they use for training purposes while riding and running. That's all well and good, but due to the recent heightened political awareness of those (and when I say those, I mean everyone) around me, I thought I better get on the bandwagon and put my Garmin to better use rather than just utilizing it as a personal training tool. I'm not up on politics like I used to be, but it seems that I haven't heard much from either candidate about the issue of world hunger (unless you consider Sarah Palin's aerial wolf hunting as a solution for starvation instead of just sport). So, anyway, without further ado, I used my Forerunner 305 to map and track hunger in the Loma Linda/Redlands area.

Map of Mapping Hunger

Visualized in the map above, the hunger study took place over an approximate 90 minute period on Tuesday, October 14 between the hours of 6:00 and 7:30 PM. At an average moving speed of 14.7 mph, and an average heart rate of 120 bpm, I rode my bike from Loma Linda to Redlands and back, gaining 2,548 feet of elevation in just over 16 miles. Although the ride was not long or strenuous by any means, I was hungry the entire duration. Concluding the ride, at approximately 7:45 PM, I ate some ice cream and I was no longer hungry.

Next time you're hungry, I vote you eat some ice cream. No matter what the flavor, I doubt you'll be disappointed and you'll help put a dent in world hunger.

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Blum said...

If vote for Barry Hussein Obama bin Biden, you can get all the gubment cheese you can eat!