Nov 13, 2008

Listen for the bell Ryder. It tolls for thee.

The similarities are eery, yet not surprising, for it is his destiny.

Meanwhile, down in Costa Rica, Manny finished the first day of LaRuta strong. Better yet, he finished ahead of a notorious doper, who is said to have cracked on the third big climb of the day.
Elite men
  1. Federico Ramírez (CRC) BCR-Pizza Hut 5.54.4

  2. Paolo Montoya (CRC) Economy Rent a Car-Seven Capital 10.14

  3. Enrique Artavia (CRC) Súper Pro-Economy Rent a Car 23.27

  4. Manuel Prado (CRC) Sho Air-Rock and Road Cyclery 25.18

  5. Roberto Heras (ESP) Giant España 25.21

How funny is that? The guy wins grand tours, but as soon as he has to race clean, he's 25 minutes from the front of the bike race. What a thieving dirt bag. I hope Manny and the other leaders twist the knife in the remaining stages.

Okay, no blog post should be complete without a photo (or two) of me carrying a bike.

I know the question you're asking yourself and the answer is; No, I did not trip over this barrier.

I can't think of a good caption for this one, so I'll just type a quote that will make the whole thing seem more meaningful and classy than it really is: "You climb for the hell of it." - Sir Edmund Hillary.

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Luke said...

Time to give him a DK t-shirt, have him do a spoken word album and name a band "The Galactic Space Turds".