Dec 31, 2008

Happy New Year anyway

So, I just got done reading in National Geographic Adventure about how after ascending Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary dedicated much of his life to building schools and hospitals in Nepal. Now it’s got me thinking; maybe tomorrow I’ll go climb Oak Glen and afterward dedicate most of my life to building schools and hospitals in Yucaipa and Beaumont. Oh, wait, that’s impossible. There’s no undeveloped land left in Yucaipa and Beaumont.

I miss the good old days.


Anonymous said...

I-10 Eastbound just past Calimesa, on the west side of the freeway. Plenty of undeveloped land there!! You just don't know where to look!!!

Matt Freeman: Dad, Writer, Pro Mountain Biker. said...

I-10 runs east and west, yes? Then the west side of the freeway just past Calimesa would be Yucaipa?

Who are you kidding? There's only two kinds of land in Southern California: Land already developed or land under development.