Dec 2, 2008

What's a guy gotta do around here to get some results?

A couple of Februarys ago I sat in the feed zone after getting shot out the back of the Boulevard Road Race with two laps to go. Because Boulevard happened a week prior to the Tour of California, the 90 mile race turned out to be the last day of training camp for many of the major domestic teams who had set up shop for a week in the mild climate of the San Diego area. Despite the firepower, I should have been able to just hang in there and fake it, but I didn't.

There were many DNFs that day so at least I wasn’t alone. On one side of me sat Kayle Leogrande. He had the same bewildered look on his face as me; the look that says both, “What the hell went wrong?” and “What the hell could I have done different?” Kayle and I, who had done a fair amount of riding together that winter, discussed those very same questions with one another before parting ways.

Eventually, on the silent drive home with Denise and Ryder, I chalked it up to “just one of those days” and convinced myself that I’d find my fitness as the year progressed. Kayle must have chalked his bad day up to something else and convinced himself that it would take more than just riding his bike to get the results he desired. As you will see from the saga that later unfolded, today’s news comes as no surprise…

I guess there’s only one thing left to do and that’s to make light of the situation courtesy of another dirty doper, Riccardo Ricco. Click here for a good time.

Meanwhile, I'm out busting my ass in the snow...

It gets deeper.

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Adam said...

I never liked Darts till now.