Jun 3, 2010


I’ve never had a race season start this late for me, but on the bright side all the free time has given me more time to just ride my bike and not worry about getting from this race to that race. On Memorial Day weekend Trish and I took a trip to Sedona to do a little riding. Neither one of us had ever been, but we’d heard how good the riding was. The place did not disappoint. I don’t think I’ve ever ridden a better trail system on the west coast. Most of it singletrack, the trails were as technical and as fun as they come in the southwest.

Miles and miles of ups and downs, rock drop-offs and step-ups, and switchbacks a plenty. I rode the Ferrous 1x9 with 1.75 XDX tires front and rear because I was too lazy before we left to put on wider tires. Once I saw how rocky the trails were I was worried about tearing open a tire, but in three days of riding the tires held up great. I was impressed and it gave me a bit more faith in the skinny and lighter tire setup.

Meanwhile, back at Cyclery USA, Steve and Eddie were building my new Superfly. After a few hiccups the thing finally got put together and should be race ready by the US Cup race this weekend in Santa Barbara. The question is, will I be ready?

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