Jun 23, 2010

My roommate, we’ll call him Joe, has this annoyingly bad habit of scheduling his arrival flights for late in evening. For example, last month when Joe flew home to Washington for his dad’s retirement party, he scheduled his return flight into Ontario for 11:30 PM. And he expects me or Josh, or another one of his unfortunate friends to be curbside no matter the time. This wouldn’t bother me as much if Joe was flying in from another part of the country, but he’s coming in from the same time zone. There’s no reason why I, or anyone other than an airport shuttle, should have to pick him up at that hour. Tonight he wants me to pick him up at 10:45. Usually at 10:45 I’m halfway through a second episode of Seinfeld or I’m already asleep. I’m thinking about leaving him hanging.

The more and more I think about it, the more it annoys me. Not only does one of us have to pick him up late time and time again, that means that someone on the other end in Washington is repeatedly taking him to airport during primetime hours. I’m thinking I should rent a van tonight and fill it with everyone that has ever had to take or pick Joe up from the airport. When we pull up to the curb to pick him up tonight, we’ll let him in the van but instead of driving him home, we’ll have an intervention. This has to stop.

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