Mar 14, 2006

No Redlands Classic, No San Dimas Stage Race, No Direction

They say bad things happen in patterns of threes. Well, they’re right. First, I find out that the composite team I was going to ride with did not get accepted in to the Classic. Then, I went to register for San Dimas & the 2s were already full. Finally, I had a ton of bad stuff happen at work. All the stress & disappointment finally came to a head & now I’m sick again – for like the third time in six weeks.
This all left me with no direction. I spent my time training for big road races & now that I’m out, I don’t know what to do. I suppose I should start looking toward Sea Otter. Since the weather was crappy last week, I did do more mtb riding than normal. I guess that means I've started training for Sea Otter. And while San Dimas is going on next weekend, I’m planning on doing a mtb race at Vail Lake (if my health gets better). So that’s the current lackluster plan.

Saturday's ride on Crafton.

Joey - the Bearer of Good News
He called last night to inform me that The Tossers are playing House of Blues in Hollywood on March 25. If I were to race the classic, I wouldn’t be able to go, so I guess one thing came out of not making the cut. I will be doing a road race in the Fresno area that day, but the current plan is for Denise to drop me off in Hollywood on the way home & then Joey & whoever else goes will drop me home. It doesn’t matter how worked I am from the race; The Tossers will definitely light a fire under my tired arse.

More of picturesque Crafton.

Instead of racing the crap circuit race in Murrieta, I went out to Southridge to root Christie, Teri & Jeremy on. The dirt was perfect & there were times when I wished I was racing, until I put in a little bit of an effort & realized how crappy I felt. Turns out, I was only hours away from coming down w/a cold, so that explains everything. Anyway, Jeremy pulled off a second in his Sport age division class aboard a Trek Fuel 98 on loan from Johnson. The girls, in their first Pro race, lined up against Jimena Florit, which in-itself was a victory of sorts. Teri pulled the plug after the first lap. Turns out, she came down with the same bug that I did later that night. Meanwhile, Christie stayed in it & fought shifting issues all the way to the finish. They were both down on themselves, but they need to remember, it’s early & we have a long season ahead…


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Christie said...

thanks for the support Matt! :o) Yes, lining up with Jimena (who is one of my idols) in the same class was exciting. One reality check of the day was when one of the single-speeders was riding with me and we got chatting. I told him I was behind the rest of my class and he said "expert?" and i said "". It was funny to hear myself say it out loud. I think I keep referring to "the pros" like they are "other people". Greg then reminds me that I am one too (eeeeek!). I remember back to moving up to expert, it was a learning curve for sure and now I am starting over again.

I hope you feel better soon.