Mar 20, 2006

Is That The Sun I See?

I recently heard on the news that we're having the coldest month of March since 1921. Even though it was the KTLA Morning News, I still believe it. This month has been, to quote Mark Foist & thousand of Bostoners, "Wicked cold." It finally began to warm up today & just in time for the Redland Classic. Good. I won't have to freeze to death as I watch from the sidelines. At least I'm over my sickness & back on the bike. I actually managed to get a training race in last weekend, which, by the way was wicked cold.

Ryder & Denise (not shown) kept me warm during the month of March.


While everyone else was road racing around Bonelli at the San Dimas Stage Race, I got my sick ass out of bed long enough to race on Saturday morning. I haven't raced at Vail Lake in at least 2 years so it was cool to get to ride there again. There isn't much climbing, but it's a fun course & due to the recent rains, the dirt was perfect. Here's the short story. Chuck Jenkins & Ty Kady stuck it to us bad. Jenkins easily won the Pro class & Ty easily won the Semi-pro class. I was right in there - for about 5 minutes.

One cool deal was a gnarly up-hill that carried a $200 bounty for any Pro, Semi-pro or Expert strong enough to clean it. I never came close, but I'm told 2 dues made it. I'm not sure I believe it, because there was a horrible run leading up to it, but if someone did clean it, I want to know who it was.

My legs were soar as hell on Sunday, which means I'm not riding enough, but I didn't really need aching legs to tell myself that. I finished the 4-lap, 24-some mile race in 10th overall, allowing some Semi-pros & Experts to beat me. Templeman faired better in his class, winning the Sport 20-29 class.

A pirated shot of me at Vail Lake. So sue me.


According to Canari, Team K&N Performance clothing won't be done until April Fool's Day. No joke.

Someone I know got a speeding ticket doing 90 mph in his Civic Hybrid with this boss in the passenger seat.

Denise is running again. Here & Jeannie did a 10-miler last weekend & an 8-miler (pushing Ryder) the weekend before that. She's training for the Redlands Half, while Jeannie is training for her first 26.2, which will be the Rock n' Roll Marathon in San Diego.

There's a story coming out in the Redlands Daily Facts in conjuction with the Classic with some stuff about Christie. If all goes well, we may get our first sponsor plug.

Two more days until The Tossers...

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