Jul 3, 2006

Heard About Any Scandals Lately?

I've been waiting nearly a year to use this photo (taken at the Deer Valley NORBA Nat'l last year) and what more appropriate time than now...

Anyway, I spent most of the last month, either sick with, yet another sinus infection or resting. As bad luck would have it I got sick at the end of my rest week & by the time I kicked the infection, I had spent about 3 weeks off the bike. I did some little rides here & there, but nothing of any substance.

Since I've been back on the bike, I have done some pretty good mountain bike rides in the mountains with Templeman, Josh, Edward H. & Johnson. I even brought out the camera for Sunday's Santa Ana River Trail ride, but the photos came out bad so I'll spare you all the time. Take my word for it; they were good rides in much cooler weather than down the hill & they're all in preparation for this year's Deer Valley Nat'l, which is next weekend. God help me.

I've got nothing of any importance to report, so here's some new Brandon Bird stuff:

No One Wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford

Those That Bind

Being a product of the Sesame Street generation, I like this one. I just can't remember its title. I think it should be called, Oscar Practices the Second or maybe Give Me All Your Money.


I guess the big news is that in an effort to keep Ryder off the streets, we're getting a pool thanks to the generousity of the in-laws.

Go Nicky!

Happy Birthday to Johnson. You share the same birthday as that crackpot Tom Cruise.

Happy belated birthday to Josh. You share the same birthday as, you'll never freaking believe it: Meredith Baxter-Birney and Michael Gross. What are the chances of that? That's a double-whammy. First, I post Those That Bind, Brandon Bird's beautiful tribute to Family Ties and then Josh shares the same birthday as the show's ex-hippie parents. Not only that; Mom & Dad Keaton were born on the very same day. I bet that made for one hell of a birthday party on the set.

What the hell Jan?

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