Jul 5, 2006

I Need Content

I continue to feel like crap, only I’m getting used to it, so feeling like crap is beginning to feel normal. In spite of all this, I’m still boarding a plane tomorrow evening headed for SLC. Everybody is talking about how they’re hoping to conjure up some mid-season form. Mid-season? We’re already in mid-season? I’m stuck in cold in flu season.

And what better way to remind myself that I currently suck than riding up to Oak Glen with Norm, Craig, Scott Miller & Padgett. Come to think of it, the entire ride was a bad idea for most of us & here’s why:
1. It was a holiday & in the dictionary, the word holiday is defined as a day without work. Riding up to Oak Glen is work.
2. I’m feeling like crap. We’ve already established that.
3. Scott was supposed to be on a recovery day.
4. Craig is supposed to be training for triathlons - not mountain top finishes.
5. Padgett has raced so much this year that he could barely turn over the pedals last week, but for some reason a week later he's riding to Oak Glen.
6. Norm is retired. He doesn’t need to get any faster.
There. That’s just 6 reasons of why we should have made a right off of Oak Glen Rd., headed into Calimesa & spent the rest of the day on holiday.

Our view of Norm as he made us all feel like small hopeless children on Independence Day.

Later in the day I went swimming. Denise & I play-fought in the pool with foam noodles & Ryder thought it was funny. It was funny until Denise hit me in the nose. I vowed to get her back [later in the evening] by shooting a bottle rocket at her, but no one brought any illegal fireworks to Chris’ BBQ.

Happy Birthday Huey!

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