Aug 24, 2007

A Gallery of Unemployment

Ryder & I went out to crit last night, because that's just what we do and the little wheel sucker loves it.

Back at Snowmass, I close my eyes and cross my fingers hoping that I get a call-up sooner than 77th. No such luck. On the far right Sager looks thrilled to have had his suspension lifted.

Southern Californians invaded Colorado. I'm not sure what Joy has hanging from her neck. It's a foreign object I've not seen recently.

Here's one for you: In Colorado trails run through streams and the streams have water in them.

There are also sharp objects in the streams. In my college speech class, I did a demonstrative speech on how to change a mtb tube. I think I got a B+ instead of an A on the account that I acted nervous because people were watching me. Deja vu.

Back at crit: Ryder does his best Al Bundy. Meanwhile, I've been riding so much lately that I've been reduced to wearing old bibs and jerseys. I need to find some time to do laundry.

Joy brought Dozer out to crit. I thought it was cool and all until Ryder came down with kennel cough later that night. I think Kramer had that once too.

Here's another one for you: In Colorado the plants and trees are green.

I've seen less holes in a screen door.


JOY said...

Dude, what's wrong with dry creek beds and dead trees? such a hater. At least we have sand, nice, hot sand...

Christie said...

and also places like the wash with things like broken appliances, grafitti, paul bunyan statue in the distance and goat heads to give us flats!