Aug 2, 2007

Get To Know Brett Kinsfather

Freemanrace: What was your first impression of me?
Brett Kinsfather: What's with the gallon jug of water?

What is your impression of me today? Where's the gallon jug of water?

Brett Favre: Great or Greatest? Great quarterback, greater pain killer addict.

If I gave you 200 bucks to go buy a gift, what would you buy me?
I'd bribe someone to give you a better job.

If I gave you 50 bucks to buy yourself a gift, what would you buy?
Contacts...I'm f’ing through with glasses.

I hear bad habits are hard to break. Are there any bad habits you’d like to break? My bad habit of continually ripping on the same people.

Courtney Love: Victim or Misunderstood? At one point in time, she had a great rack.

What do you think of my Nuns Having Fun calendar and does it offend you? An office cubicle must.

I consider myself superior to the average Joe because I ride bikes. Why don’t you ride bikes? I consider someone who can kill another man with their bare hands superior to anyone who rides a bike.

What do you think my first impression of you was?
Where the effe did this guy come from and where is his gallon jug of water?

What do you think my impression of you today is? One of the few people who understand Matt's love/hate relationship with all living creatures.

Do you have any parting words? I heard two Louie Bono stories recently. The first one was that he has spent some time in a mental facility. The second one was my friend overhearing this come out of Louie's mouth to a girl at a recent wedding: "Hey, you know I have a room at the hotel for after the reception...I'm in room D, Big D." He then proceeded to laugh hysterically to himself.

- Brett Kinsfather is an internet minister currently residing in Illinois. He spends his time building hot rods, looking for employment and compiling stories for an upcoming biography about his childhood friend, Louie Bono, who’s the dumbest man alive. Brett’s only regret in life is that he’ll never get back the time spent waiting for Bill Crites to finish eating the many dinners they shared together.

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