May 5, 2008

In his defense, he would have won anyway

Ryder jumped the gun at the Run Through Redlands Kinder-Dash. They didn't restart the race because it's hard enough to get a bunch of 3 year olds lined up once, much less twice.

Then he and Destry wrestled on the grass at the Redlands Bowl.

Denise won her age division in the half marathon.

I was the only loser in the family this weekend. On Saturday I took 9th at the Idyllwild Spring Challenge - 15 minutes short of a thousand dollar pro cash purse. In my own defense above is the course profile. And unlike Ryder, I got a lack-luster start and had to play catch-up for 30 miles.

If you're like me and you like to make fun of people, take five minutes and read this.

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