May 21, 2008

Joey's Getting Fit

Mike came over to the house to fit Joey on his new bike.

I thought it was going to be a monumental event since Joey's broken his neck, a femur, an elbow, and a foot, but it really didn't take that long.

Sometimes being on a trainer and in front of Mike's computer is a very painful place to be, but not during a routine bike fit.

Um, you add your own caption here.

Other Stuff

We went up and raced the 3rd round of the National Mountain Bike Series in Santa Ynez last weekend. I came away with a second in the Singlespeed race, but brought up the back of the pack in Sunday's Pro Short Track. It was a fun weekend nevertheless.

Adam Hart has a blog now and I'm jealous of his banner. I'm sure it will have some good gas station and Willie Stewart stories. I can't get enough of those.

Scotty Tickmeyer is over in Belgium racing with the Junior National Team. He's supposed to be sending me some race updates, but all I've heard so far is that he got food poisoning. That ain't good.

That's all I got.

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