Jul 29, 2008

Le Tour is over, so instead of watching bike racers suffer, I might as well watch seals and surfers suffer. It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Thank goodness because I was already suffering from Tour withdraws.

Denise is at a conference for a while so Ryder and I watched about 2 hours of sharks last night. To my horror they showed a solid hour of leaping great whites. Jumping sharks? When did this horrifying phenomenon start? I’ve heard of TV shows jumping the shark, but sharks jumping on TV? I don’t know which is worse; watching great whites snatch seals from 10 feet above water or suffering from Tour withdraws. They both make me sweat. I’ve seen photos of jumping sharks before, but it’s becoming standard practice for great whites down in South Africa. I think I’ll stick to land. Ryder, on the other hand, is not fazed by what he witnessed last night. He woke up this morning and wanted to go swimming. I took him to school instead. That fazed him.

Next Topic
Ever go to Google and the logo has changed to represent a holiday, season, or major event? You know - on Halloween it’s covered in cob webs and on Independence Day it’s on fire because of a fireworks accident. How about the days when you go to Google and the logo is different and you can’t figure out what it’s supposed to represent? Then you panic, “What happened? What am I missing? What holiday is it?”

Today I learned that if you click on the custom logo it will take you to a listing of topics related to the event. For example, today there are rockets, satellites, and planets all over the Google logo. When I first went to Google this morning I thought maybe we landed on Jupiter or something and found a cure for cancer, but it’s just a celebration of NASA’s 50th year of zillion-dollar budgets and Tang endorsements.

Happy Birthday NASA!

I think I’ll go pedal my bike…

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