Jul 18, 2008

Mom wants to see more photos

More from Windham, NY: There are several lakes in and around Windham. The smallest one is on the Kelly Acres property.

The Windham countryside.

Back at the race venue, I lined up for Sunday's Short Track race. Moments after this photo was taken, this photo was taken. I'm somewher in that mess.

I've spent the week in Schenectady, NY at Christie Pleiss' mom's house (Mary Beth). She has wi-fi, a 50-inch flat screen and the Versus channel, so it's a sweet set-up. There's the best bike path I've ridden that lines the banks of the Mohawk River, so my evenings have been spent spinning up and down the river. The weather has been good, but reports of scattered thunderstorms at Mount Snow, Vermont got us worried so we rented a car on Thursday and drove to the venue to do a lap on the race course before it gets muddy. The course is much different from last years. As of last night it was perfect, but if the rain comes it will get nasty.

Today at noon we'll head back out there for the weekend. The U-23s raced yesterday. Sam Jurekovic, the defending champion and one of our housemates in Windham crashed hard in the first 3 minutes of the race. He was walking around the venue later in the day and said he may give it a go on Sunday's short track. Too bad he'll miss the XC. He's been on the gas. His National Team teammate, Tad Elliot, aslo one of Windham housemates ended up with the win and the U-23 Championship. They're both super nice dudes.

Hopefully I'll get to copy Tad's victory salute on Saturday morning...

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