Jul 7, 2008

Deer Valley

I went to a bike race in Deer Valley, Utah. Here's what I saw:

There's a bike path from the condo that we stay in every year in Park City to the race venue in Deer Valley. Along the bike path there is interesting stuff to see.

This dog's seat looks a little high. He should probably go see Mike.

Larry Longo is already famous, but now he's more famous because he gave the Salt Lake City CBS station an interview. I wonder if Longo said anything about me?

This was part of my ride every day to and from the venue. Not bad.

My bike is the black one.

They like their white barns in Utah. Go figure.

At the end of every day on my ride back to the condo, I almost stopped and took a nap in this meadow.

The race course.

When the cat's away, the mouse will fall out of bed and split his brow open.

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