Jun 25, 2008

Über Euro Edition: Part I

My cell phone rang yesterday & it showed a 420 area code. I ignored it, looked up the area code & found that 420 is somewhere in Wisconsin. I don’t know anyone in WI anymore. As I’m trying to figure it out my voicemail goes off. It turned out to be my Czech friend Robert calling to tell me that his daughter was born. 420 wasn’t the area code, it was the country code for Czech Republic. Robert followed up the voicemail with an email a few hours later:

My Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am very happy to let you know that today on June 24th at 6:18 AM was born our second daughter, Eliska Hordossy. She weighs 8.8lb (3.99kg) and she is 20inches (51cm) tall. All is well with all of us.

With Kind Regards,
Robert Hordossy

Robert lived in the U.S. for a few years and we worked and rode together regularly. The guy is a stand up dude, tough as nails, but I fear for the innocent adolescents of his two daughters. He and his wife Jana are building a house in Prague and knowing Robert, they probably built an Eastern Block style gymnasium to raise the girls as Olympic Gymnasts, skiers or even weight lifters. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Baby Eliska’s first vaccinations is laced with some sort of performance enhancing serum.

By the looks of that tan line, it looks like Robert's been riding a lot. Good man.

I might have to.

If like bikes and you must because you're reading this blog, then the one piece of training advice I can offer is to listen to Jens Voigt's training advice. Yes, I realize that it’s not easy to listen to a German, much less trust one, but Jens is single-handily suffering for the sins of the German people by being the toughest bike racer on earth. Maybe even the toughest human on earth – that’s up for debate. Anyway, listen to what Jens has to say.

This man is Über Tough because he suffers for the sins of your German ancestors.

Okay, I'm all Euroed out already.

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Freeman Uber Alles ?