Jun 16, 2008

My Cell Phone Drowned

Other than the Grim Reaper coming for my cell phone yesterday, Father's Day was cool. I was moving some chairs around with phone in hand when it popped out of my hand, bounced off the concrete & then jumped in the pool. I caught it before the thing hit bottom, but it was too late. Turns out mouth to mouth doesn't work on cell phones. I pronounced my black Samsung dead at approximately 2:45 PM on Sunday, June 15. Needless to say, if you've tried to call or text me after then, you now know that I'm not ignoring you. I'm just disconnected from the world.

I talked to Verizon and since I have insurance they'll replace it after I pay a $50 deductable, or I can get any phone I want for $100 off. My main concern is that I've lost all my contacts because I didn't back them up on the Verizon Web site. So, if you're reading this and we're on speaking terms, please e-mail me your phone numbers to mattfreemanrace@yahoo.com Thanks.

Meanwhile, at bike practice...

We all got lectured by an old woman armed with a camera for urinating in public behind some dumpsters. As evidence for the cops she secretly photographed the suspects while they were taking a natural break. Gross. Obviously she is German.

Someone in this group could be going to the slammer for public urination. I wonder if Gloria Allred does pro bono work for cyclists too or if her services are only for females brandishing nipple rings in the airport?

In Riverside we made our usual stop at the Shell station on the corner of University and Iowa. As far as I know the only crimes committed were the price of gas and Chris Hoyt brandishing unshaven legs.

This is not from Saturday's scorching Raincross ride. Josh sent me this via camera phone when he was up in Oregon a couple weeks ago. I wonder what the ride down was like?

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