Jun 10, 2008

A Brush with Blum, Part 2: I Fought the Law

I do not condone all of Richard Blum's actions, but I do beleive that his story must be told. The following is the second installment of my 137-part series called A Brush with Blum.
  • "My first encounter with the law was when I was 16. My buddy Gary and I had just scored a 12-pack of beer and were headed back to my house because my parents were on vacation. We were one block from my street when a cop red lit us for rolling a stop sign. The cop drug us both out of the car and started grilling Gary about who sold us the beer. I started to slowly back away and then I ran. Since I was in my own neighborhood I was able to go through back yards and over walls to get home, where I hunkered down. About 30 minutes later, Gary shows up with the beer! After I took off running the cop went looking for me and after10 minutes of sitting on the curb he decided to do the same. Man, we got drunk that day.

    When I was a little older I was driving around and I noticed a bunch of crows in a lemon grove so I went home and returned with my pellet gun. I was plucking those babies off one by one and they were making a hell of a racket. Suddenly a police car appeared at the other end of the street with his red lights on. The cop was far enough away for me to take off, so I got a good jump on him and was able to make a few turns and get into the alley which took me all the way home where I was once again safe.

    A few more years after that I was riding to L.A. in my friend’s 1960 Cadillac to go see WWF wrestling. My friend’s nickname was Batman because his car was flat black with florescent orange bat symbols on the doors. Anyway, we were driving down the 10 freeway when a cop pulls up along side of us. Of course he looked over at us and of course we were chugging beers so he points at us to pull over. Just then the freeway splits and we go one way and he goes the other. We quickly got off on the next exit and took surface streets to the L.A. Sports Arena safe and sound.

    Running from the cops is generally a bad idea and it seems people get caught every time but I’m 3 for 3 in getting away." - Blum

This has been part 2 of my 137-part series called A Brush with Blum. For Part 1, see Wednesday, May 7.

No stunt men or body doubles here. Blum played himself in the 1984 punk rock documentary, Another State of Mind.

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steve-o said...

its funny. Im also batting 1.000 when it comes to running from the police. 2x on my bike and once on foot. I would say that im horrendously slow at both, but i got away clean on the bike, and when i ran i hopped a fence, and when i looked back the cop was double over puking.

there might be something to it....