Jun 12, 2008

Justice, kind of

The U.S. Olympic Committee and the Union Cycliste Internationale recognizes me as a professional bike racer so even on a fat day I tip the scales at 145 pounds. If I travel with a bike, combined weight is still under two bills. Unfortunately, the Federal Aviation Administration and the airlines it governs doesn’t care what my UCI or drivers license says. A bike, bike case, tools, and my body weigh the same as the average American male (do the math & Google it), yet when I travel with a bike I am forced to pay anywhere from $50 to $150 extra, each way.

Very rarely will the attendant at the ticket counter waive the fee, but that’s as often as a customer at McDonald’s passing up the super size option. On the flip side, while checking in for a return flight, one attendant threatened to charge me double for escaping the bike fee on my outgoing flight. I talked her out of it, but silently wished the cow a life of unsuccessful dieting.

Sometimes it would actually be cheaper if I bought two round trip tickets and traveled with my bike in the seat next to me, but the chain rings are considered a deadly weapon so that’s not an option.

Well, guess what? My bike and I are still going to have to pay extra to travel with our steeds, but the scales are about to balance. The fellow passenger over-flowing into your middle seat may finally have to pay extra for his gluttonous lifestyle just like I have to pay extra for my healthy lifestyle.

Read it and weep O captain of the couch.

The fuel crisis and the obesity epidemic are apparently secret lovers.


JOY said...

This is great news

Christie said...

oh man, our lovely FRIEND at SLC airport!

you guys shoudl talk to Cpop or Roger/Vanessa about taking your bikes up for you via car.