Jun 3, 2008

Help me understand

Live bands at small venues play too loud: Last Saturday there was a live band at the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Hanger 24 Brewery. Even though I saw a lot of people I know, I couldn’t hear much of what they had to say because the sound was too loud and the band played non-stop. I wanted to buy one of the $38 growlers just so I could use it to smash one of the amplifiers. But that would be a waste of beer.

People with Jesus stickers on their vehicles are bad and often agro drivers: Today I turned west on to 5th Street well before other westbound traffic, yet when the car behind me caught up it tailgated me until the road widened to 2 lanes. Then he passed and drove by the Mormon temple and Moore Middle School at 20 over. The last thing I saw was his middle finger and a Jesus sticker on the back of his minivan. He was coming from Yucaipa. Go figure. He’s lucky I had Ryder in the car with me; otherwise it would have been minivan versus minivan.

The checkout lines at Stater Bros are long: There must be something about their IT system that only allows 3 cash registers to function at once even though most Stater Bros have at least 8 registers. I know this because as I wait in line, Ryder likes to count the checkout stands over and over again. He’d probably know how to count to 50 by now if he’d count all the people waiting in line.

You can still have a good race when you’re sick: On Memorial Day I started coming down with a cold so by Thursday I had pretty much written off Sunday’s state race up in Big Bear. I decided I’d show anyway, but wasn’t expecting much. As it turns out I managed a third place behind Manny Prado and Chuck Jenkins. Not bad podium company. I sneezed on Chuck.

In the absense of podium girls, I decided to show off a little midriff of my own.


Trevor Walton said...

Small venue bands:
Because they're there to rock your face off, man! If it's too loud, you're too old.

Jebus sticker drivers:
They're already "forgiven", so they can act like ***holes all they want, and everything will be hunky-dory in the next life.

Those who don't hang our hopes and dreams on an imaginary, white (Why is it always a "he" and why is "he" always white?), bearded man in the sky tend to be more concerned about this life. The only one we have.

Staters' checkout lines:
Staters is cheap. Probably cut costs by under-staffing. If you want service, go pay Vons' prices. Cheapskate.

Racing sick:
Multiple possibilities here... Supercharged immune system? Deadened pain-receptors? Lowered expectations = less pressure = more relaxed attitude = heightened performance?

Next question!

Christie said...

wow Trevor! so profound....

JOY said...

Maybe Trevor should start updating HIS blog instead of posting via Matt's blog. Just a thought.

Get busy said...

We need another "Brush with Blum"

Matt said...