Mar 16, 2009

How about filling some of those pot holes instead?

Everywhere I go in town they're ripping up the roads. What's going on? Texas, ripped up. Redlands Blvd, ripped up. Eureka, ripped up. Stuart, ripped up. Oriental Ave, ripped up. While they're at it, they should probaby change that street name to Asian Ave just to be PC. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a detour sign. Now they've ripped up Mariposa or Dwight or whatever the hell it's called there at Caroline Park. The Obama Infrastructure Plan has wasted little time in leaving broken pieces of asphalt in it's wake. I was out on a ride today and I could figure out if I was in Redlands or Beirut.

With all the road work near Caroline Park, tomorrow night's ride should be interesting. Hopefully no one comes flying around the corner on Mariposa, sticks it into the broken asphalt and dies. That would be bad for business.

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