Mar 8, 2009

If you're not against mini bikes, don't cross this line. If yes, do.

Every year at this time, the time of Bike Week in Daytona, I actually do miss the motorcycle biz. Bike Week is/was a lot of fun. Ryder & I went to Mer & Joey's last night to watch the Supercross. Turned out to be a good race. Sounds like the 200 was a different story. Leave it to the AMA to take a good idea, like running the 200 under the lights, and still managing to find a way to screw it up.

In my never-ending quest to get faster, I did a Southridge race yesterday. It went much better than last weekend. That's for sure. I'm still not ready to go full-throttle, but Sean Donovan and youngsters Trevor Downing, & Adam Snyder are (Fort Lewis' spring break is an early one apprently). They drilled it from the word go and I hung on to that train as long as I could before coming off. It's a work in progress. By the Nat'l at the end of this month, things should be better.

I saw Adam Spik at the race yesterday. I haven't seen him in years. He's a fire fighter now and has two kids. While on his sweet Phil Wood single-speed, he made a comment about still reading my blog when I actually update it. He's right, I suck at this blogging thing now. For example, all I have to say are single-sentence statements.

Friday night Ryder asked Denise & I if he could have a treat for finishing his bowl of ice cream.

I'm selling my TT bike and a bunch of other brand new bike parts so if you need anything email me.

Today I'm going out to ride Glendora Mountain Road in preparation for San Dimas Stage Race.

Since Joy and Monique are involved in the Southern California High School Mountain Bike League, I feel like I should get involved too.

I hope Joey remembered the time change last night since he's supposed to be in Long Beach today for a 7:15 AM crit.

Today is Jeannie and Christie's birthdays.

Poor Josh has to go to Disneyland with Jeannie, so I'm wondering what Christie is sticking Greg with today.

Johnson was hanging out with Ben Harper and Lance Armstrong last night.

Between a muscian and a 7-time TdF winner, I bet you can score some pretty good drugs.

Just kidding.

I still can't believe the federal gov't has banned the sale of mini bikes.

At least there is no ban on the sale of Steve Zissou artwork.

"If you're not against me, don't cross this line! If yes, do." - Steve Zissou

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Jonathan said...


depending on what you have, i might be interested in those bike parts (shifters, maybe crankset). i'll actually be in redlands in a couple of weeks too.