Mar 31, 2009

Let's set the record straight

It's not about the music.

Punk Rock.

Obviously not Punk Rock.

Playing is Punk Rock.

Sitting is not Punk Rock.

Hole was Punk Rock.

Not Punk Rock and never was.

I have 10 reasons Dave is Punk Rock.

Jay Lame-O is not Punk Rock, or funny for that matter.

It doesn't get much more Punk Rock than this.

It doesn't get much more un-Punk Rock than NASCAR (yawn).

Iggy is and always will be Punk Rock.

These guys? Not so much.

No matter what side of the pond it's played on, football is Punk Rock.


Shane will be Punk Rock 'til the bitter end.

Henry is poser and that's not Punk Rock.

Simple Punk Rock.

Simply makes me sick.

Vans are Punk Rock.

Hummers try too hard.
It's actually pretty black and white.

1 comment:

Adam S. said...

"I want to be unusual, I want to be punk rock."