Sep 13, 2005

La Chupa Cabra Captured!

This Just In: Billions ride bicycles, but only one man has captured La Chupa Cabra. Finally, I can sleep.

Teach Your Children Well
I'm trying to decide which one of these I'm going to buy for Ryder. Or maybe I should just collect them all.

Last Weekend
Both days Greg Johnson, Trevor & I were up at the crack-0-dawn to ride. On Saturday we left from my house and did Crafton, then spun over to GFE for coffee. At 10:30 Trevor & I met Jeremy Templeman, from work, at Hulda Crooks. We did about an hour or so in the Loma Linda desert showing Templeman the tricks of the MTB trade. He's fairly new to the area & to riding, but did well for a guy who spends his days behind an Apple G5.

On Sunday we met in Angeles Oaks &, well see the photos below...

I DIG THE RIG! Greg Johnson gave up his Rig, a Gary Fisher single speed, so I could ride it last weekend. I spent half the day Saturday & all day Sunday riding in one gear. I take back all those vicious things I've said about single speeders over the years. I'm even going to race it in the single speed race at Mammoth. Ouch, my knees.

My digi-cam replacement is much appreciated, but it doesn't quite get the job done for action shots. Nevertheless, this shot of Greg Johnson looks like some sort of artsy Gary Fisher advertisement.

Apparently the camera is faster than Trevor. Ahh, just kidding.

I sure wish I had a Garmin Forerunner 301 w/Heart Monitor like Johnson so I could have down-loaded Sunday's ride. Maybe if the United States Postal Service knew how to track a package, I would have a Garmin Forrunner 301 w/Heart Monitor. The posties have apparently lost it. Newman.

A Note From Lauren

Hey Freeman, It's LOREN, not Lauren. Good thing you don't ride like you spell.


This guy at work named Yuri who is visiting from Holland drinks a gallon of milk a day, straight from the container.

Canadian Chris Shepard tested positive for EPO in both the A & B samples. I'm sure that will be the talk of Mammoth.

Bob Peppler is leaving Redlands to take a job in Washington D.C. working for Homeland Secrity. I'll miss coffee & rides with Bob. I wonder who will take over the Redlands Classic?

The Governor of CalEfornyah, Arnold Schwarzenegger, came to work on Monday to do one of those town hall question & answer deals. I sat in the audience, but he only took about five questions from the audience & the entire thing was centered around voting yes on Propisitions 74, 76 & 77. I refused to shake his hand because I kept thinking about his sex scene with Jamie Lee Curtis in that cinematic embarassment True Lies & it grossed me out. Who knows where that hand has been?

James, LOREN, Sean & I leave for Mammoth in the van this evening. James is racing the Marathon on Thursday morning at 8 AM, so it will most likely be a pedal to the metal drive up 395. Wish us luck.

Quote: "I ride for passion. Cycling is too hard to do just for the money." - Two-time Mountain Bike Olympic Gold Medalist Paola Pezzo.

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