Sep 22, 2005

Ryder can sit up on his own for a short time before falling over. From the couch, we watched Monday Night Football together. The second game in the MNF double-header was the Redskins vs. the Cowboys. I explained to Ryder that a Redskin is a derogatory term for a Native American & a Cowboy is a person who often robbed Native American's cattle, horses, property & innocence, if not flat-out murdered them. I don't beleive my little lesson made much of an impact because the Redskins defeated the Cowboys 14-13.

On Labor Day, after riding to Idyllwild, I took Ryder to his first bar. We (as in Turner, Country, Dodson & Hoyt) watched college football and replinished our carbo-depleated bodies by knocking back a few. What kind of place allows a newborn to belly up at the bar? Charles Jewel's on the corner of State & Orange.

While we were in Mammoth, Country, Dodson & I went to Vons to stock up on food. I bought a pint of Ben & Jerry's Marsha Marsha Marshmallow. Get this: Those dudes actually thought I bought a pint for all of us to share. Light weights.

Staged next to Jamie Goldstein, I patiently waited for my call-up before the XC race in Mammoth. I waited & waited & it never happened. What the heck? I finish 6th in the NCS & I don't get a call-up for the National Championship? Somebody screwed up. How many times has that bold statement been directed at NORBA? Anway, I had to start near the back and, well, you know the rest.

Quote: "You don't keep running after you've caught the bus." - Sensitive Colleague Dave Shushereba, after I revealed that after nearly 5 years of marriage, I'm yet to take Denise on a Honeymoon.

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