Sep 4, 2005

Let's Get Some Tacos

Ryder & I went to the parent's house last night for tacos while Denise was at Cindy's pseudo bachlorette party. The tacos were good, the dogs were bad (with the exception of Shilo) & Ryder got a little fussy as the night progressed. He was pretty tired by the time we left. Earlier in the evening, I got some photos using a replacement digi-cam thanks to Denise's mom.

Ryder & his Aunt Meredith, who by the way is NOT a regular reader of this blog.

When Mollie barks, Ryder laughs.

Great Grandma Joyce filling in for Denise.


The Real James Williams came down from Big Bear yesterday to do a road ride before picking up Lauren at the airport. Originally we had planned an easy spin, but we ended up doning the whole RBC ride & almost ended up doing time. Half way into the ride, after making the left off of LaSeirra on to Victoria (I think that's the street name), James & I are both riding on the front with the usual suspects; Norm, Scott Cochran, Zuke & even Scott McAfee. We're all taking pulls & all of a sudden I look back & James & I have a huge gap on the other 50 or so dudes behind us, which is unusual for a couple of climbers on such a flat stretch of road. What I didn't see was the cop car to our left, but within a few seconds she made her presence known when she got on her loud speaker & according to James, said something like, "This is not an organized race. Fall back to your group. I've been following you since LaSeirra." That's what James heard. I heard, "The south will rise again." Despite what she said, her presence explained our two-man break. Apparently she had already warned the back of pack, so the two of us sat up. Too bad because moments before she shattered our glory, I had looked down at my computure & we were carrying a pace of over 30 mph. The rest of the ride went as usual. It hurt.

No blog written by a 20- or 30-something would be complete without a coffee reference every now & then, so here's mine. After the ride, I bought a bag of coffee beans at GFE. It's called IE something another & the cool part is that its roasted in Mentone, right around the corner from my house on Crafton. I'm supporting the local economy & supporting my addiction at the same time. By the way, GFE was giving free coffee & ice tea to all bike people yesterday.

Denise & I are going to breakfast this morning. Then I'll go for a mtb ride & she'll continue to prepare for the school year that starts Tuesday. I can see Morton Peak fire look out from the office window of my house. It looks nice & clear up there. That may be where I'm headed...

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The king of plop said...

Do you have any more pics of Aunt Meredith? Some bikini pics of her washing your van perhaps? I expect a response within 72 hours.